Validation of Prior Experience


Inspired by recent initiatives to that effect within the European Union, GGSG will from January 2017 onwards initiate a programme dedicated to the validation of prior professional experience.

This programme is notably, though not exclusively, intended for business or association leaders or executives with at least ten years’ experience in activities related to the domains covered by teaching and research at GGSG : international relations, governance, leadership, development, entrepreneurship, peace and security, as well as each of the substantive fields to which the graduate school’s Master’s degree programmes make reference.

It is meant to enable those whose career track-record includes appreciable achievements in such activities to obtain either a Bachelor’s or (for those who already hold an undergraduate diploma) a Master’s degree through such a validation process, on the basis of a dossier to be publicly defended before an examining committee of two of GGSG’s professors and an outside expert.

The dossier submitted for validation purposes should be some 50 pages in length. It should detail the candidate’s professional record ; dwell on ascertainable, duly documented, strengths in it  ; insist on the lessons the applicant thinks can be drawn from such successes in terms of practical or scholarly knowledge when it comes to the above-mentioned domains ; finally, it should elaborate upon the personal project behind his or her quest of a degree obtained through this validation process.

For any additional information, prospective candidates should establish e-mail contact with GGSG’s leadership using the school’s addresses :  or

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