Certificate Programmes


GGSG’s interdisciplinary graduate Certificate programmes come in three varieties : full-time (day classes), executive (evening and Saturday classes), and online. They will be offered from September 2012, in the following subject-matter areas :

  • Risk & Disaster Management
  • Management of Energy & Natural Resources
  • Labour Management & Migration
  • International Governance, Trade and Development
  • Conflict Management and Post-Conflict Development

They shall consist of 15 courses each of 30 hours’ duration (lectures [15 hours], small classes [12 hours], final exams [3 hours] – except for advanced French language courses [60 hours]), grouped into two categories : core requirements and specialized courses, supplemented by two collective exercises, and an optional summer internship upon completion of the degree programme (subject to availability).

Teaching and study are spread over one year (40 weeks of day or evening classes, or equivalent on-line coursework). In order to earn the 60 ECTS credits allotted, Certificate students shall be required to take nine “core” courses, and six “specialized” courses in two of the areas of concentration offered, for a total in-class time of 480 hours (or equivalent sustained on-line effort). Upon completion of the syllabus and final exams, students must successfully take part in (a) the school’s yearly joint integrated exercise (late June), and (b) a media-training exercise.

Subject to changes.

Note : Certificate degree programmes will be introduced in the order indicated above. The first two shall be offered from the beginning (2012) ; the other three shall be successively introduced in 2013, 2014, and 2015,  depending on the number of students applying for them, and may not be offered should that number be too low to ensure economic viability.

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