Studying in Geneva


Geneva is one of the world’s diplomatic capital cities. It was the seat of the League of Nations in the interwar period, and still is where numerous UN and other international agencies are based : it boasts no fewer than 275 headquarters of public and private international organizations as well as 166 permanent missions. Hence it should come as no surprise that about 40% of its inhabitants are non-Swiss residents, from nearly all countries of the world.

The city of Geneva is encircled by (open) French borders to the north, west and south. Its population numbers some 200,000, though with neighbouring Swiss and French towns forming a close-knit, prosperous economic area, that figure reaches 800,000. The city is part of the Canton of Geneva, one of 26 in the Swiss Confederation.

Studying for a degree in Geneva is, according to former students, quite a memorable experience. The city provides a unique mix of breathtaking scenery (the Mont-Blanc is in full view from the lakeshore !), reliable public services, clean and crime-free surroundings, French-speaking environment (but most natives will answer in English if addressed in that language), close-by skiing, sailing or other sports facilities, intense cultural life, renowned libraries, international organizations, and convivial living – you name it ! To boot, neighbouring France, Austria, Italy or Germany are a stone’s throw away, a high-speed train will take you to the French Riviera in less than half a day, and London or other European capital cities are within reach by air in a matter of one or two hours.

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