Frequently Asked Questions


How (when, and by what means) is tuition to be paid ?

It is paid in two unequal instalments, on 1st September (2/3) and 1st February (1/3) each year. All means of payment are acceptable (credit card, certified cheque, international transfer). Payment is deemed effective (and receipt of payment delivered to students) only when it has been received. If any bank charges are involved (for instance, for conversion into Swiss francs of the currency used in your country of origin), the extra cost is borne by the student.

Attention new students : a non-refundable down payment of CHF 5,000 (Swiss francs) is payable upon receipt of the acceptance letter. It will be deducted from the first instalment due by September 1st.

What if I change my mind and decide to leave GGSG ?

Once started, any academic year is to be paid in full. If you enrolled in a Master programme, one way of limiting the cost and loss of time inherent in a change of mind is to change over to a one-year Certificate programme. But your best plan is to think hard about your choice of programme before you enrol.

Does GGSG grant financial aid to students who need it ?

Yes, it does: see Scholarships. Please note, however, that the few grants available every year cover only part of the tuition, and are reserved for students from developing or conflict-stricken countries, conditional upon producing evidence that they (or their family) cannot afford the full tuition.

Do tuition fees cover book expenses?

No, they only cover tuition. Though Geneva boasts numerous public libraries (and access to other, institutional libraries can be arranged), students will face costs of approximately CHF 500 for book expenses.

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